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I'm so glad you're here!  I've found my jam - working with people like you, guiding clients from confusion, overwhelm, and wanting MORE for their lives and getting there.

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A tune-up for your heart.

This is for you if:

YOU FEEL STUCK.  You've been cruising on autopilot (at work, at home, in love) and you know you want more for yourself but don't know where to begin.

BURNOUT IS REAL. You give so much of yourself to your work and the people you love but there's nothing left for you.  Your health and well-being have been tossed on the sidelines.

YOU FEEL BEHIND.  It feels like everyone has their lives figured out and you have fallen into a comparison trap feeling shitty about yourself.

You need support.  And a plan.  And some accountability so you can quit telling yourself things will be different and they actually will be!


Get unstuck and plan for a career you'll LOVE.   

FYP is a 2 month program where you show up overwhelmed and confused and leave with:

CLARITY around what is going to take to love what you do.
CONFIDENCE to go after what you've only dreamt about.
ACTION PLAN to know your next steps and make it stick!

This is for you if

you're coasting + overwhelmed
+ don't know what you want

Starting at $899