About Jaclyn

I love what I do.  I work with clients to help them find what they love and design their lives around it. 

My path to coaching was not a linear one.  I became a Certified Professional Coach, combining my Masters in Education with experience in Human Resources.  This brilliant mix allows me to coach clients toward exactly what they want - develop a plan with industry insight, and add a dose of heart.

I care about helping you get clear about what you want, become confident in your skills, and develop strategy that gets you where you want to be.

I love what I do.  I want you to be able to say that too.

“Working with Jaclyn was a treat, as much as she was my coach she felt like an old girlfriend which made it super easy to be vulnerable and ask for help in the areas I needed it most.” – Romana


my story

It’s fair to say I once was miserable.
I hated what I was doing despite people saying my career “made sense” for me.
I wanted to make a change but felt lost and paralyzed to explore something different.
I wanted to quit my job but was told to stick it out for the sake of my resume.


Why I Coach

Figuring out your next career move CAN be easy.  Unfortunately, my path was not so easy: it took years and thousands of wasted dollars on consultants who told me, "Yep, stay in that job [even though you're miserable]."  

There was something BIG missing.

I was missing.
I needed someone to see me for more than what I was on paper - school degrees, skills and achievements.
I needed someone to help me see the possibilities on the other side, and show me how to go after them.
I needed someone to teach me how to confidently speak about my work experience.


I did the hard work to build myself back up to a place where I could see what I love and find a way to integrate it into my daily work life.  It took a long time and it felt painful going about it on my own.  I am madly-fiercely passionate about helping you get to this place and do it on an accelerated timeline.  


and that's why I created curriculum-based coaching programs

No loosey goosey, pie in the sky coaching here.

We get to the nitty gritty of what's not working and get super clear about what you want - in life, in love, and in work.  


Does this sound familiar?  I'd love to hear from you!  

Let's chat about your experience and pinpoint where you are getting stuck.  

Connect with me HERE or Schedule a Consultation to figure out how we can work together.  


Coaching with Jaclyn is EXACTLY what you've been missing.