My brave, strong, inspiring coaching clients

I coach women who are brave. Women who reach out because they want more for themselves.  Women who are prepared to rewrite their stories – step into being bigger, bolder and louder.  And love what they do, of course.


This is the story of my client.  



An account director who wants to feel lighter.  She wants to smile (instead of cry) at the end of the day but doesn’t know where to begin.  Together we rebuild her confidence and answer the question, “what’s next?”


An educator who longs to move out of the classroom.  We make that o k a y  – eradicate the shame and ditch ties to, “I spent my whole life preparing for this.”  Turn out she wants to move into a creative industry so we develop the networking strategy, rewrite her resume and plan for a new career. 


An accountant at one of Canada's largest firms who wants to move on to something totally different.  She loves managing people + building business strategy.  We zoom in on the impact she wants to have, find a small local business and propose a consulting role.  She receives a job offer and a menu of possibilities.


Women who want more for themselves inspire me every darn day.  Witnessing their growth is the reason I do what I do; it's a friggin privilege.  My clients come to me feeling overwhelmed and wanting help, and they leave our coaching sessions with clarity and confidence.


Critical conversation and the kind of change that gives you goosebumps.  I couldn’t ask for more.  


You want a new job but don’t know where to start

So you want out? You want a new job but don’t know where to start? Got it.  

You’re likely experiencing the very uncomfortable pairing of:


The feelings are strong. You want a new job so badly that it becomes difficult to do anything about it. You spend a lot of time daydreaming about how your days could be different but you don’t do a lot about it.


Daydreaming about leaving your job is a solitary experience.  It's a steep mountain to climb - a hike you have go on ALL BY 'YOSELF.  I feel ya.



You CAN get out of professional paralysis and DO something about it. You can stop hibernating in your mind and move into action with some work. I recommend the following steps to all my coaching clients to bring about some insight into their career exploration:

  1. Do an inventory of what’s working and what’s not
    Consider this your “compare and contrast” exercise from elementary school. A T-chart, perhaps?  

    On one side, list what you like about your current job. On the other side, what you don't.  
    Elaborate and expand:
    Why don’t you like that anymore? Did you once enjoy it? What happened?

  2. Interview yourself
    Unlike the real thing, this won’t cause any heart palpitations. The purpose is to look closely at what isn't working. When we understand "WHY", we are less likely to repeat old behaviours (and accept a job you'll regret).

    Ask yourself:

    When did you last feel really frustrated?
    Where were you?
    Who was there?
    What about this interaction was upsetting?
    Why do you think you reacted this way?

    How will you use this experience to inform your job search?


A real life example. Not naming any names, of course. 

When did you last feel really frustrated? In my weekly one-on-one meeting.
Where were you? My manager’s office.
Who was there? Uh, my manager.
What about this interaction was upsetting? She talked over me.
Why do you think you reacted this way? I’m tired of being condescended to. She doesn’t recognize how hard I’m working or appreciate the time I’m putting in. I’m over it.
How will you use this experience to inform your job search? …


A final word

More than anyone, I understand that wanting a different job but not knowing where to turn    s-u-c-k-s.  I feel you! In fact, I know this so well that I designed a coaching program, Find Your Path, to help you navigate your career with ease. Find Your Path is especially geared toward those who are ready to (1) understand what they want from their career, (2) establish an action plan, and (3) gain confidence along the way!

Want to know what's next?  Once you've gone through the exercises listed above, send me an email or schedule a consultation call (it’s free!)